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Los Tarascos

(744) 443-1468
Mexican Cuisine
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Los Tarascos is a popular, open-air taco restaurant. There are several in Acapulco: Costa Azul, La Condesa, on the Costera between Gran Plaza and Galerías Diana, on Cuahutemoc near Sears, in Acapulco Diamante and more. The specialty is tacos – tacos of all kinds, including beef, pork, lamb, nopal and others. They are served with onions, lemons, salsa, and hand-made tortillas. Los Tarascos is a great place to go late at night, as they are open late and stay busy. The menu is extensive, and inexpensive. Be sure to try the crunchy grilled cheese called "chicharrón de queso." Tacos "Al Pastor" are pork, while "Gringas" are mixed beef and pork. An "alambre" is a barbecued collection of meat (your choice) and vegetables, cooked on a spit or wire (hence the name) and served hot on a platter. The sauces come in all gradations of mild to very hot. It's best to taste them first before deciding to use very much. Los Tarascos maintains high standards for its restaurants: they are clean, and the food is well prepared and very tasty. Servings are generous. Many locals and tourists will tell you that it is hard to eat much better than this on a budget. Taquerías are meant to be simple restaurants with hearty food, cold beer and attentive service. Los Tarascos is a prime example of the genre.

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(744) 443-1468
Boulevard de las Naciones 392, Acapulco, Guerrero

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Best Christmas Dinner

A few years ago I arrived in Acapulco on Christmas eve and my husband and I walked along the Costera looking for a "Nice" dinner and not even the "Argentinian Restaurant" had an appetizing menu but when we walked infront of Los Tarascos we had to stop and enjoy one of the best Christmas Dinners ever ( Cerveza included ) Highly recommended!

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