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Spring Break May Happen After All: Tourism Secretary

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 02 March, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 2 March) Brand new Guerrero State Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara rejected the explanation that the drop in Spring Break business in Acapulco was caused by the violent image that Acapulco has suffered in the international press of late. At a press conference in the company of several high-level international tourism professionals, she said, “Other factors played a role … Spring Break tour operators in the US and Canada tell us that university students have changed their consumption patterns since 2009 and now are looking for more value for their dollar. They wait until the last minute to take advantage of promotions. So we have to wait until March and April to see if the reservations come in more strongly.”

As regards the State of Texas travel alert that warns students in that state against visiting Mexico, she replied that she had been in touch with US ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual, who told her that at this time there are no travel alerts in effect in the United States with respect to Mexico. “Travel alerts do not have an expiration date. The last one on Mexico was issued back last September,” he said. “It advised tourists to understand the risks of their destination and to be cautious about coming to Mexico.”

Ms. Guevara added that the drop in sales of Spring Break tour packages has much to do with the continuing economic crisis and the persistently high unemployment in the United States. Her analysis was seconded by Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the World Tourism Organization, who said there is never just one reason why a certain destination rises or falls in popularity. “What matters most are the promotional deals, the quality of the infrastructure, and of course, personal safety.” “As tourists become more informed, they understand the ambivalence of the security factor, and they consider other factors as well. Besides, security is a concern everywhere, every day.” This opinion was also echoed by David Scowsil, director of the World Council of Travel and Tourism, who said that safety and security have been worldwide concerns for twenty years or more. “The [security issue] is more on the minds of tourists now because of recent events,” he said, but added that the Spring Break market would prove acceptable, once students react to last minute promotions and commit themselves to come.

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