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New Theater Opens in the Zócalo

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 08 December, 2010

(Acapulco, AN 8 December) “La Fortaleza” is the name of the new theater that today will open in the Zócalo of Acapulco with the premier of La Historia del Tigre (“History of the Tiger”), a dramatic dialogue by the Italian playwright and Nobel prize winner, Darío Fo. Actor Bruno Bichir will star in the production. The theater is on the site of the old “Salón Rojo” cinema. In a press conference yesterday, the actor declared that the opening of a new cultural space in the Zócalo will help bridge a gap in perceptions about Acapulco. He said that in times past, Acapulco was a tourist destination that provided a home for great artistic events and festivals. With a forgivable mixture of metaphor, he said, “We believe that this theater can be a spearhead for helping this complex city re-weave its social fabric. My life’s mission is to break the barriers with art.” “Acapulco still has a certain base of art: it is not new, daring or unheard of to open a new cultural space, but at this time we have stopped hearing the artistic utterances generated in Acapulco. We believe this is a good beginning.”

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