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Aca Discos Have Great Weekend

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 23 November, 2010

(Acapulco, AN 23 November) Although it was not a long holiday, last weekend produced with very good results for Acapulco's nightclubs, according to Fernando Reina Iglesias, one of the club operators. He said that this is a very promising sign for the end-of-year vacation period, which he expects to be “the best in several years.” He predicted that 30 days from now, Acapulco will be at 100% hotel occupancy, “based on reservations for air and ground transport, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.” Airline tickets for the last week of the year are already sold out, he noted.

Interviewed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reina Iglesias did not agree with those in the tourism sector who have complained about a drop in sales during the low season. “The results have been good,” he said. “It is normal that visitors drop off in the low season, but it has not really been that way: just in this past weekend we had more than five large events: The Telehit Awards ceremony, Pedro Fernández in concert at Mundo Imperial, David Ghetta’s show in Acapulco Diamante; the arrival of Miss Universe Canada 2010; and the Exa concert in the Convention Center. We also had conventions, like Herbalife,” he added. This led to an 80% occupancy rate. “For that reason I cannot see why people say Acapulco is not doing well. I know that several discos, and I exclude myself, organized the Daniel Ghetta concert, which brought in over 6,000 persons, and even so, the discos I represent also had good attendance during the weekend. This is very acceptable for low season and bodes very well for the year-end.”

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