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“Añorve Brigade” Named as Sánchez Nava Aggressors

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 14 January, 2011

(Chilpancingo, 14 January) Former PRI legislator and active Añorve supporter Ernesto Vélez Memije said Wednesday on the television news program Frente a la Noticia that the PRD representative to the IEEG, Guillermo Sánchez Nava, provoked the attack that led to his beating and coma. The Añorve backer said that Sánchez Nava “threw” his vehicle at the members of the “Añorve Brigade,” who were taking down political posters of rival Ángel Aguirre. One of them suffered a broken bone as a result, according to the ex-legislator, and they acted in self-defense. The recorded television program has been provided by the PRD to the Attorney General’s office as part of the investigation into the crime. The PRI politician essentially corroborated the reports that members of the “Añorve Brigade” – youths recruited to put up election posters and tear down competing propaganda –were responsible for the assault.

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