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Department Stores

Fábricas de Francia

Fabricas de Francia is the anchor tenant of the Gran Plaza shopping mall. Look for the most exclusive brand names for footwear, clothing and personal care items, as well as products for the home, kitchen and bath. Furniture, linens, appliances, even musical instruments and CD's are on sale in this store. Naturally the ambiance is modern, clean and elegant. The entire three-level store is air conditioned. Costera Miguel Alemán, 1632 (Magallanes), 39670 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 (744) 486 6479;


C&A stands for Clemens & August, the first names of the German brothers who founded one of Europe's longest-lived fashion retail companies. The first store opened in the Netherlands in 1861. There are now over 1000 outlets in five continents. C&A in Acapulco has a dual reputation for very stylish and high-quality merchandise, particularly trendy clothing, and also for the best in friendly customer service. Classic styles are also easy to find at C&A. In the Galerías Diana the store occupies part of the upper levels of the building. Costera Alemán 1926 (Fracc. Magallanes) 39670 Acapulco, Gro., México


Liverpool was founded in Mexico City in 1847 by Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Ebrard and today is Mexico's largest retailing organization. In addition to its more than 60 locations in Mexico, it also owns the 25 Fabricas de Francia stores (including the one in Gran Plaza), as well as several shopping malls. Liverpool is regarded as a top of the line department store, marketing brand names that are internationally known and respected. Liverpool offers not only the latest in fashion but also elegant furnishings for the home, together with professional interior design assistance, if required. In Acapulco, Liverpool has opened a brand new store in La Isla, in Acapulco Diamante. Boulevard de las Naciones (Acapulco Diamante), Acapulco, Gro., México


There are two Woolworth stores in the central part of Acapulco. Most visitors who walk around the center near the Zócalo know the one in the second block of Cuahutémoc (actually, Juan Escudero), just off the Costera Alemán. This store is always frenetically busy, with sales of clothing for men and women on the first floor, and then children's clothes, toys and housewares on the upper levels. Prices are very accessible. Most Acapulqueños wind up making a trip to Woolworth at least a couple of times each year, if not more often. The second Woolworth is farther up Cuahutémoc, near the Mercado Central. In fact, it stands where the old "Cine Rio" was years ago, now remembered only as an indicator for identifying the routes of buses and taxis that go up and down Cuahutémoc towards the center of town. Avenida Cuahutémoc 629, 39300 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 (744) 482-0082.


Sears remains one of Acapulco's largest department stores. Located on the busy Avenida Cuahutémoc, which parallels the Costera at that point, Sear has modern and comfortable facilities for its shoppers. It is the place to buy ladies' and men's fashion, jewelry, leather goods, perfumes and colognes, footwear, children's clothing, toys, appliances, electronics, housewares and linens and sporting goods. Sears offers quality merchandise with internationally recognized brand names. Avenida Cuahutémoc (Hornos), 39350 Acapulco, Gro., México; +52 (744) 486 0675.


Waldo's is like a dollar store in the states. In fact it was conceived by a Colorado entrepreneur who still owns this popular retail chain, found throughout Mexico. At Waldo's, everything is basically "twelve pesos," but the value-added tax is not included, so the items all come out at around thirteen pesos and a fraction. Some things must be priced at multiples of this one unit - at 26 pesos and something or even (rarely) at thirty-nine pesos. The merchandise comes mainly from Asia (surprise!), so care is necessary to distinguish the junk from the really good values. Nothing perishable is on sale (like groceries), but this is the best place to come to find house wares or things for the kitchen and bath at really good prices. Aquiles Serdánn (Downtown Area), Acapulco, Gro., Mexico.

El Nuevo Mundo

Nuevo Mundo (on Avenida Cuahutémoc) is another popular department store somewhat inland from the Costera. It offers quality merchandise at very reasonable prices, and is frequently recommended by the tourists who take the trouble to seek it out. The facilities are well-maintained and bright. There are really two large stores in the one location, with different departments: clothing (women, men, children), footwear, personal care items and gifts, toys, perfumes, linens, fabrics and notions. 102 Avenida Cuahutémoc (Hornos), 39350 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 (744) 486 6131.


Ernesto Copel is a Mexican entrepreneur who founded a series of popular department stores with outlets throughout the country. Coppel is a great place to find clothing and footwear for the whole family as well as furniture, decorations, housewares, appliances, electronics, and even bicycles and motor scooters. The main store is on Aquiles Serdan, downtown, next to Waldo's, and there is an outlet store a few blocks away on Cuahutémoc. Aquiles Serdan 509-11 (Center), 39300 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 (744) 482 9152.


Calzada Pie de la Cuesta 239 (Barrio del Pasito), 39480 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 (744) 434-1600; 482-5840; 483-2108

The Chedraui Group was established in Xalapa, Veracruz, in 1920. Today it has 107 Chedraui stores, 33 Súper Che, and 16 supermarkets called "El Súper". The Acapulco store is on Calzada Pie de la Cuesta. It includes a branch of the chain of automobile service facilities called Carrefour México. The shopping center provides all types of food items, as well as complete lines of merchandise for the home, person and vehicle. The prices are set to compete with those of Wal-Mart.