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Buzo's has several locations. The original one is in the Hamacas area of Traditional Acapulco. A new location was opened in 2009 in Costa Azul. But the main Buzo'a locations are behind the Gran Plaza, on Cristóbal Colón, parallel to the Costera. These two Buzo's locations are close together. A smaller version is on the inland side of the street, and then across the street and up a little, on the bay side, is the main restaurant, which seats over 200. Buzo's are very popular, local seafood restaurants, offering fresh, delicious seafood of all kinds, excellent service, cold beer and reasonable prices. Buzo's is almost always busy, as it is a locals' favorite. Try fresh oysters or Ceviche, followed by a fillet of fresh fish, prepared ranchero or veracruzano style, or in one of several other ways. Buzo’s provides live music during peak hours, adding to the festive atmosphere. The blue décor is patterned on the ocean floor, as “buzo” means “scuba diver” in Spanish.

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Calle Cristóbal Colón, Acapulco, Guerrero