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Pop, Rock, Techno, House
Cover ♂/♀: 
$350 / $250
Cover ♂/♀: 
$350 / $250

Palladium is without a doubt the most famous club in Acapulco. This is the place if you like your discos big, loud, and lively. Perched on a mountainside in Las Brisas, Palladium has an intense view of the Golden Zone and Acapulco Bay which is nothing short of spectacular at night. It has a big dance floor and several areas where you can lounge as well as numerous circular bars that can be approached from all sides. Palladium is a drink till you drown club where you pay a cover to get in (men are always charged more than the ladies), then it's open bar until about 4 or 5 am. By open bar, we don't mean cheap beer in plastic cups, we mean drinks - screwdrivers, tequila shots, you name it. This is the club for the young and beautiful and also the wealthy and sometimes the snobby. The dancing silver Indian called "El Azteca" lip syncing "I can give you sex, I can give you drugs, and I can give you HOUSE!" is not to be missed. Later in the evening, the view of the city is interrupted by an intense shower of sparks cascading down the exterior of the panoramic window that looks out across the bay. The only drawback is the cordoned off entrance and the sometime long wait to get in. Despite the doorman scene, once inside, Palladium is simply one of Acapulco's best and shouldn't be missed. If you're hoping to get in during Spring Break or other peak times, reservations are highly recommended.

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+52 (744) 446 5490
Carretera Escénica Las Brisas S/N, Acapulco, Guerrero