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CAPAMA Can’t Provide Water; Angers Citizens

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 04 August, 2011

(Acapulco, NA 4 August) The newspaper Novedades Acapulco ran a survey asking locals for their opinion of the service of CAPAMA. The verdict was nearly unanimous: there is no service. Hundreds of thousands of Acapulqueños inside the city and also in the poorer suburbs surrounding the town are without running water. They are having to carry water from wells and springs, in the manner of their pre-Columbian ancestors. Those who can afford it, buy water from private tanker trucks, which circulate through the neighborhoods. As of today Ciudad Renacimiento, Emiliano Zapata, La Sabana, and Milenia (near El Cayaco) are five days without any water; nearby springs are almost dry.

Even in the very center of town, CAPAMA has been unable to supply water for the last eight days. Neighborhoods in the historical area of Acapulco include El Teconche, Las Pocita, Pozo de la Nación, El Mesón, El Pasito and Las Crucitas. The newspaper’s offices received what it called “an avalanche of tweets” from dissatisfied citizens, reporting that CAPAMA also had failed to supply water to Las Playas, Infonavit Alta Progreso, Bocamar, Cuauhtémoc, El Roble, El Morro, Icacos, Farallón, Ensenada, 20 de Noviembre, Almendros, Jardín, Loma Bonita y Mozimba, El Coloso and Luis Donaldo Colosio – virtually the entire city.