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State Tourism Secretary Pledges to Recover Lost Flights

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 25 June, 2011

(Mexico City, El Sur 25 June) At the opening of the “Acapulcazo 2011” trade show in Mexico City yesterday, Guerrero’s Secretary of Tourism, Graciela Báez, said that she was sure her department could recover the flights and cruise ship arrivals that Acapulco has lost over the last few years. Her remarks were addressed to travel agents attending the annual event. Her boss, Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero, has pledged to reestablish Acapulco to its former prominence, both nationally and internationally. “We are selling Acapulco both at a national and an international level,” she said. We will recover the flights and cruise ships that we have lost, together with the foreign tourists who have stopped coming,” she assured her audience. She emphasized that in fewer than 100 days, her state government has managed to attract an important amount of federal resources to change the face of Acapulco, and she invited all those present to make a visit, to witness the transformations taking place in the port city. She mentioned the new “Maxitunnel” to connect to the Diamond Zone from Icacos without having to travel the curvy “Scenic Highway.” She mentioned the introduction of modern “Metrobus” transportation and the construction of piers