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Governor: “They Can Leave When They Want To”

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 23 April, 2011

(Chilpancingo, AN 22 April) Some members of Governor Aguirre's cabinet have recently threatened to quit because the Secretary of Finance has insisted on naming the persons to occupy financially sensitive positions in the Departments of Social Development and Health. The governor said he would not give in to pressure from those who want to add friends and family to the public payroll. He said that they can be considered in terms of their credentials, but never accepted merely because of pressure from above. He affirmed, “If anyone is not happy with that, I think now is the best moment for them to take their own decision. If they are going to leave, they can do it whenever they want to, but now is the best time.” The governor added that when someone is invited to participate in the government, the invitation is just for that person, and not for any chain of friends and family members.

The governor emphasized that “the governor has the proper power to change anyone who, in his judgment, is not showing adequate performance for the citizenry.” Not surprisingly, the main party of the winning coalition in the election, the PRD, has been pressuring the new government to name party faithful to plum positions. The governor has firmly resisted the pressure to hand out patronage, insisting rather on filling positions according to the qualifications of the candidates.