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Acapulco’s Media - Newspapers, Radio and Television

As a town of nearly one million inhabitants, Acapulco enjoys a range of modern media. The main Mexican television networks operate repeater stations in Acapulco. Thus, of the 13 channels available in Acapulco, only one is local. The local cable provider, Cablemás, offers a complete selection of channels, including the local station, all national Mexican networks, and international broadcasts like ESPN. Most hotels and condominiums have cable hookups. Others may have their own satellite TV arrangements, which will also provide a variety of selections, but not the local Acapulco station. In the VHF/UHF broadcast band, TV Azteca (Grupo Salinas), Televisa, Radio Formula and Radio y Televisión de Guerrero (RTG) are all represented. The radio stations are dominated by Grupo Acir, which operates several, and Radio Formula, which operates a couple.

Tuning Power (kW) Call Sign Name Format
550 0.5 XEACD Color Radio pop, for little kids
600 5 XEBB La Comadre (ACIR) country
710 1 XEMAR La Nueva Amor (ACIR) romantic music, adult contempo, news
810 1 XEAGR Radio Fórmula news, talk, sports
1030 1 XEVP W Radio news, sports, music(Span)
1070 1 XEAGS Digital FM (ACIR) music (Eng & Span)
1340 1 XECI Romántica 1340 romantic music, adult contempo
1400 1 XEKJ Mariachi Estéreo country, mariachi
93.7 9.6 XHPA La Mexicana country
94.5 9.9 XHNU Super 94.5 pop (Eng & Span)
96.9 9.4 XHNS Ke Buena country, Mexican groups, salsa, cumbia
97.7 9.15 XHGRC Radio Basicamente (Soy Guerrero) news, talk
98.5 Unk XHMAR La Nueva Amor (ACIR) romantic music, news, adult contempo
99.3 14.5 XHNQ Exa FM Acapulco 157" romantic music, adult contempo
100.1 14. XHSE La Mejor FM hot adult contempo
101.5 Unk XHBB La Comadre (ACIR) country grupera
102.3 50 XHAGE Mix FM (ACIR) classic hits (Eng)
103.1 Unk XHAGS Digital FM (ACIR) pop(Eng & Span)
103.9 9.7 XHPO FM Vida  
105.5 unk XHAGR Radio Fórmula Acapulco News, talk, sports

Acapulco has four daily newspapers and several other periodical publications. The daily newspapers are Novedades de Acapulco, El Sur, El Sol de Acapulco and Diario 17. The first two have Internet editions. Acapulco has locally published magazines, including Acapulco Club (style for kids), Presencia (Acapulco society), Revista La Costa and Renayork.