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Cable and Satilite Service

Acapulco is home to a few different providers of television and satellite service.

Cablemás - is a multiple system operator that took over Grupo Telecable's Acapulco operations in 2003. They are Acapulco's principal provider of cable and broadband internet services.

Sky México - is Acapulco's premier satellite television service. It offers the best selection of programming. Early in the decade it took over the Mexico operations of Direct TV.

Televisa Networks - wide range of television programming. Click here for their consumer web portal.

Then, there is always free TV, if you can get any sort of reception rabbit ears or an antenna. It includes a very limited selection of local access TV, TV Azteca and Televisa.

Free-to-Air Satellite

In Acapulco, a few households have opted for a large number of channels at the minimum price: hundreds of channels for free. They buy a receiver, put a dish on the rooftop, and they are up and running. Curious? Sites like the following explain how it is done.