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Daniel Dion

I received an email from a citizen of Canada yesterday. The sender indicated to me (why me I’m not sure) that he would not be coming to Acapulco any longer due to the police response, or lack thereof he felt, regarding the case of Daniel Dion.

Briefly, Daniel Dion is a Canadian who went missing in Acapulco several days ago, which caused something of an uproar in Canada. It seems the emailer got a bit caught up in the hype. The media, sadly, just can't resist the "trouble in paradise" storyline, facts be damned.

This is really unfair to Acapulco – which remains a SAFE city for visitors despite the behavior of some of its uninvited guests. Due to the wanton distortions about Acapulco circulating in the press, the city is really suffering, it's people are suffering, and it is completely unfair.

Let me say that if tourists did start to go missing, I’d be the first to say that Acapulco is no longer safe and would probably myself relocate down the cost and out of harms way. But that's just not that case.

To be sure, Acapulco has a problem right now as mafias and their associates are murdering one another on a regular basis, but I continue to assert that in 99.99999999% of cases it this has nothing to do with tourists or residents that don't seek out trouble. That is my story line. This may not be the case forever, but at this moment, that's that way it is in Acapulco.

As a tourist, one is much more likely to be the victim of an attack in Miami, LA, New York, or any comparable U.S. city than in Acapulco - the statistics bear this out. Look them up.

With respect to the case of Mr. Dion, his body was found in the trunk of a car rental – shot and burned beyond recognition. Not to be disparaging of Mr. Dion or his family as I have never met either, but I think the facts of the case fit my story line - that crime in Acapulco is something that happens to criminals here - rather than what they are pushing north of the border - that one needs to fear for their life in Acapulco.

As it turns out, Mr. Dion was not a tourist but a long-term resident. His business was a bit unusual in its own right - he made “eco” friendly designer handbags using prison labor. However, the truly interesting fact is this revelation from Canada’s CBCNEWS:

“Dion, 51, of Carleton Place, Ont., was convicted in 1993 on one count of possession of a concealed weapon, one count of marijuana possession and one count of production of marijuana. Between 1982 and 1996, he faced at least 45 charges, including a number of drug- and gun-related counts.”

You can read the entire story here:

Ummm, FORTY-FIVE CHARGES? DRUGS?? GUNS??? What does one have to do to get charged FORTY-FIVE times?

The real question is how in the hell did he get a resident visa in Mexico with a record like that?

I think the media once again owes Acapulco an apology for scaring away its economy without justification.