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Steak Houses

Even in coastal Acapulco, there are times when a person just needs to sit down to a big steak, or ribs, or prime rib. Known as “carne," fine cuts of meat are offered in several of Acapulco’s best restaurants. Some restaurants consider themselves to be "steak houses," while others, which may be fully capable of preparing a delicious steak, may be classified under a different category, such as “international.” In Acapulco you can savor a wide variety of cuts from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico as well as the best steaks, ribs and roast beef prepared Texas barbecue-style.

La Tablita La Tablita is a great choice of restaurant when some want seafood and others beef. This restaurant is really a steakhouse, with prime rib and seafood dishes as well. La Tablita large grill faces out...