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Juice Bars

Acapulco’s tropical climate generously provides visitors with lots of delicious fruits, many of which are not known in colder places. Juice bars are usually called “Jugos y Licuados” or “Jugos” for short, reflecting the sign that invariably indicates where they are. In Acapulco, some “Jugos” are really full restaurants, permanently situated and offering other food as well. Yet others, perhaps most, are mobile carts, stands or booths, where the juice is prepared from fresh, natural ingredients before your eyes. “Licuados" are freezes or “smoothies,” depending on whether the main additive is pure ice, milk, ice cream or yogurt. Do not confuse a Juice Bar with a place selling “agua de sabor,” a fruit flavored drink (like lemonade). This drink is usually prepared in advance rather than on the spot, and is dilute. It may not be prepared from fresh fruit. Such fruit drinks can be very refreshing, but they are not the same as the pure fruit juice served in Juice Bars.