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Caribbean Cuisine

“Caribbean Cuisine” is a generic term covering all of the tasty dishes that come from the islands, with influences from Africa, Europe, Native American and Mediterranean cultures. The staples are rice and beans, often with goat or chicken ingredients. Caribbean cuisine uses distinct spices of many kinds. Cinnamon and nutmeg are found in a high proportion of the recipes of the region. In Acapulco, the options for Caribbean cuisine favor the recipes of the Spanish-speaking islands, like Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They prefer lime, garlic and other savory spices over curry, all-spice and sharper tastes found in Jamaica and the other Anglophone islands. Cuban cooking may also include dark green, leafy vegetables (like Kale) and okra, both imports from Africa. In Acapulco a restaurant offering Caribbean cuisine is more likely to identify it as “cubano” (Cuban) rather than “caribeño” (Caribbean).