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Los Tarascos

A hunger that wasn’t going to be satisfied by anything in the fridge drove me to take the family to Los Tarascos in search of Tacos. The branch in Costa Azul is the nearest to me but they are all over Acapulco. I don’t think you can eat supper, better for less in this city.

Tacos al Pastor are my favourite and they are consistently good, not to greasy, taste yummy and the salsas are excellent… hot but good.

Should you be English… do not be put off by the resemblance to that repulsive resort of the great unwashed having just been thrown out of the pub. The Donner Kebab. Tacos al Pastor have absolutely nothing gastronomically in common with that grey apology for meat which resembles cardboard.

It is not the best decorated restaurant in town but Taquerías are not meant to be; you pop in, eat and leave, usually smelling a bit like it was you who was preparing your own supper.

Try the ‘Que me Notas’ (Al pastor with cheese, onions and bell peppers) or the Alambres de Res (beef kebabs no longer on their skewers) or Pollo (the chicken version) too. And order Chicharron de Queso as a side order. Add a couple of beers and you will leave feeling as though you won’t have to eat again for a week (Oh no…)

Believe me, if you want authentic and delicious Tacos (of all shapes and sizes) eschew the swanky places on the Costera and head a couple of hundred yards inland… You won’t be disappointed (or poisoned).

They will set up a stand for parties or functions and deliver (if you order enough). But that’s not really what Tacos are about