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Beta Testing of

Thank you for deciding to help us by being a Beta-Tester for our site!

General Instructions:

The idea is to find anything that is not working the way it should be. Examples are:

  • Broken links (usually they lead to a page that says "404 – Page not Found")
  • Duplicate listings
  • Missing instructions
  • Unclear instructions or procedures
  • Text in the wrong language
  • Awkward or misspelled text
  • Inaccuracies (restaurant has gone out of business; incorrect locations of places on the maps, etc.)
  • Missing or incomplete content
  • Visual errors and browser issues
  • Performance - is the site too slow in places?

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Sign up for an account. Look at the login area on the home page. If you are at "Home" (click on the "Home" in the orange strip below the palm tree near the Real Acapulco logo), and don't see the login area to the right of the top banner on the home page, refresh the page in your browser.

  2. Click on "Create new account" in the login area of the banner. You will need to give your full name and date of birth (NOTE: format is DD/MM/YYYY), your email address, and choose a password. There is a "captcha" (enter the letters you see) to avoid spammers. Click on "Create New Account" at the bottom of the data entry page.

  3. Go to Your Email. Next, go to your email but do not log off the site. Use a new window or tab in the browser if you use the Internet for emails. Real Acapulco will have sent you a validation link. Open your email and click on the validation link. Your account should be automatically validated.

    Caution for Hotmail users: check on-line in Hotmail's Junk email folder. Their algorithm mischaracterizes this email as junk while letting tons of junk seep into the inbox! You would think that Microsoft could get this right. The other email services seem to.

  4. Examine the Home Page. You should now see a page like this, the "Home Page." Your version may also have a log-in box in the top right corner, but for now you can ignore that. You can browse without logging in.

  5. Browse and Cruise. Click on pages and links as you please. Get to know the layout of the site.
  6. Check Out Your Membership Account Page. Your browser page should now look like this: (This page happens to be from the Spanish side.)

    (If you logged off, you may have to re-enter the "admin/otimo23" sequence to get back in.) The link will take you to "Members" (in the "Community" list at the bottom of the home page, and then to your own page. Go there manually if the automatic link does not take you all the way.

  7. Click on "Edit Account". Here is where the fun begins.
  8. Upload an image of yourself as your on-line avatar or symbol. Ideally, the image should be square (to avoid distortion) and small. 100 x 100 pixels is pretty good, though 250 on a side is the max. If you need advice on how to prepare an image for upload, send me a message through the site. (How to do that is the next step). The "Signature" settings are to format your "sign-off" for messages and posts. Most people put a quote, for example, "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". For uploading the photo, you do not need to click on an "upload" button. Just browse to the image on your machine to identify it. Then, once you are finished with all your account edits, hit "Save". If you don't have an image handy, upload something later, or skip the step.
  9. Send me a message, telling me you got this far. Click on the tab that says "Write Message". Enter "David" in the "To" field, and say "Hi." I may already be aware of your sign up because a welcome notice to the most recent member appears at the bottom of the "Members" page. But . . . I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me what sort of computer, monitor and browser you are using. For example: "Windows XP, Firefox v3.6.6, 1024x768." In that way, we will be able to interpret the comments and suggestions you make with more precision.
  10. Surf the Site. Now you are pretty much on your own. Go all over. Read pages. Navigate. Interact. Send messages. Make comments. Make up stuff. It's OK. (We'll clean out any fictitious comments later.)
  11. Upload content here. Please feel free to upload images, videos or files to any page where that is possible (Articles, Event, Forum Topic, and your Profile). Tell me how it went, and if it worked OK. If uploading chokes or times out, please let me know right away. Some (ISP's) Internet Service Providers use systems that are not as modern as the latest web technologies used on the site. Infinitum from TelMex presents no problem, and Cablemás should be pretty strong, too.
  12. Identify the Bugs. What we really need to know is where the bugs are. So push the envelope. "Bugs" include:
    • Unexpected responses to actions,
    • Unclear instructions,
    • Things that don't work,
    • Text in the wrong language (except for Latin, we know that's there), and
    • Any substantive goofs (like saying a restaurant is in one place, when you know it's in another).
    • Even if you disagree with an opinion expressed on the site, let us know.
  13. Send in the Comments. Report any bugs you find in the Error Reports thread of the Webmaster forum. That way, others will see it and not have to repeat the same comments over and over.

Many, many thanks! We are very grateful to our great Beta-Testers.