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In the 1950's, Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Hedy Lamarr came to Acapulco and "did it." Since then thousands of others – famous and not so famous – have "done it" in Acapulco. They "tied the knot" in Acapulco, embraced by the rugged mountains and against the romantic backdrop of the sands and the waters of the bay. You can, too.

Acapulco Weddings

Weddings are one of Acapulco's specialties. All the details can be easily taken care of by using a local wedding planner or by consulting the wedding staff at one of the major hotels. For details on how to go about it, take a look at our page on Getting Married in Acapulco. If you would rather do things "a la carte" instead of opting for the package approach, you will find all the elements – flowers, clothing, music, catering, photographers and notaries (to help with the paperwork) – on different pages of our Business Directory.

You can choose the venue you like. Many brides like a traditional service in a local church, including the magnificent Chapel of Peace at the top of Las Brisas. Many other wedding couples want to be married on the beach, accompanied by the sea breeze and the lapping waves. Sunset weddings are especially beautiful and memorable.

And regardless of the venue, Acapulco also offers plenty of choices for elegant banquets, classy receptions, festive bachelor and bachelorette parties, and, of course, the unforgettable honeymoon! You do not need to be a celebrity to start your married life in romantic Acapulco!