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Golf Courses in Acapulco

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Acapulco Golf Courses

What could be better than relaxing out on an 18 hole stretch of perfectly groomed course with the tropical sun in the sky and a gentle breeze floating in from the nearby ocean? Acapulco has some of the region's best courses and is a great destination for golfers from amateur to pro.

To look at all your options, go to our special page on Golf Courses.

In Acapulco proper you can play the public course at the Acapulco Golf Club .

On the Diamante side you have a choice of three championship-quality courses: Mayan Palace Golf Club, The Acapulco Princess Golf Course, and The Tres Vidas Country Club.

A word about the Pierre Marqués Golf Course and Turtle Dunes:

The golf course at the Fairmont Pierre Marqués Hotel in Acapulco Diamante has been closed. It is being completely reconstructed and will premiere in December of 2010 as The Country Club at Turtle Dunes. In the interim, patrons of the Pierre Marqués course are invited to play the nearby sister facility, The Acapulco Princess Golf Course.