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Extreme Sports

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Acapulco is situated just a day or two down the West Coast from California. When it comes to extreme sports, the west coast is the best coast and Acapulco is no exception. Locals have done their best to offer a good selection of extreme sports for its extreme-minded vacationers and residents alike.

Kite Surfing

Bungee Jumping

50 meters up, you can't miss Hacket Bungy at Paradise as it always draws a big crowd at night along Acapulco's main drag, La Costera. Located at: Av. Costera Miguel Alemán 107, Playa Condesa.

Climbing & Repelling

A variety of extreme outdoor adventures in and around the Papagayo River, including Mountain Climbing and Repelling, River Rafting and Kayaking.

High-speed Turbo Boating

High-speed Turbo Boating at extreme speeds is available. See the excursions section for providers.

River Rafting, and Kayaking

A variety of extreme outdoor adventures in and around the Papagayo River including Mountain Climbing and Repelling, River Rafting, and Kayaking are offered by various tour companies in town.

Sky Coaster

Located in the Cici, the skycoaster is Acapulco's version of where
you jump from 100 feet up and fall at some 80 mph.

Skydive Acapulco

What could be more extreme than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane?


Available in the Condesa area along the beach.

Jet Skis

Also available in the Condesa area along the beach.


It's been described as the "world's fastest game." Surely you have seen it before. It's the game where two uniformed and helmeted players (4 in the case of doubles) dart around an over-sized racquetball court (with the left wall missing), whipping a rubber ball against a wall, using a claw-like "cesta," a curved wooden basket worn on the right hand. It gives the ball extra velocity. This sport is gaining followers in Mexico, even though
it was invented in Basque Country, Spain over 400 years ago and was, until recently, the domain of Caribbean countries. You can see a match at the Bingo Sports Book building across from the Hyatt Regency. It is only one of two sports that do not permit left-handed players. (Polo is the other.)

Note: Companies offering these and other services can be found in our business directory and tours and excursions section.