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Art Galleries

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Critics agree, in the world there are three "must-see" locations if you call yourself a true art lover: Paris, Florence and Acapulco. All right, maybe Acapulco is stretching it, but the truth is, Acapulco has outstanding local artists. Also, famed muralist Diego Rivera spent his last years in Acapulco, and you can see some of his work and visit his house. Acapulco also has a reasonable selection of art galleries. Not bad for a beach town.

Galería Espacio

By appointment only. Galería Espacio is dedicated to the work of a single artist, Pal Kepenyes, a sculptor born in Hungary, whose works in bronze, copper and other metals are known, loved and respected around the world. Pal Kepenyes has created some of Acapulco’s most admired public sculptures. Some pieces are encrusted with quartz, amber and other precious stones. The magic is the transformation of metal and minerals into an idea, a new aesthetic vision that arises from the materials from which the work of art has sprung. Costera Guitarrón 140 (Brisas Guitarron), Acapulco, Gro., México +52 744 446 5287 or

Sergio Bustamante

This large gallery is across the street from the bars and restaurants and dance clubs of Condesa. Works also appear in the Gallery of the Hotel Mayan Palace [link] and the Grand Hotel Acapulco [link]. The gallery is open daily except Sunday, 10a-2p; 5:30p-9p. It is totally dedicated to the work of Sergio Bustamante, who is best known for his colorful suns and moons, as well as derivatives of folk art animals. Papier-mâché is his medium of preference, but Bustamante also creates in iron, other metals and ceramics. His designs are eclectic, drawing on several different aesthetic traditions. Look for Sergio Bustamante's beautiful designs for silver and gold jewelry in addition to his large, bright, colorful and whimsical ceramic creations. Costera Alemán 120-9, Galerías Picuda (Condesa Area), 39690 Acapulco, Gro., México. +52 744 484-4992.

Edith Matison's Art Gallery

This gallery features reproductions of some of the world’s most famous artists, including Salvador Dalí and Alexander Calder. Well-known Mexican artists are also represented, such as David Alfaro Siqueiros (muralist) and Rufino Tamayo (painter). Original works and some reproductions are also on sale by some of the upcoming generation of Mexican fine artists. Excellent examples of native folk art are also on sale. The gallery is on the Costera, on the bay side, opposite Acapulco's Golf Club. Costera Alemán 2010 (Club Deportivo), 39690 Acapulco, Gro., México. +52 744 484 3084

Galería Rudic

The Galería Rudic adjoins the restaurant Jardin des Artistes in a small plaza of the Hotel Emporio, near the Glorieta Diana on the Costera. Some of Mexico’s most prominent contemporary artists have their work on display here. Examples are Casiano Garcia, a painter born in Guerrero, Victor Salmones (painter, Mexico City 1937-1989) and Zuñiga, well-known sculptor (Costa Rica, 1912-1988). Vicente Yáñez Pinzón 9 (Diana Traffic Circle), 39670 Acapulco, Gro., México +52 744 484 1004.

Dolores Olmeda Gallery

This gallery is located in Acapulco's Convention Center. Dolores Olmeda was a patron of Diego Rivera. He died while living at her house in 1957.

Address: Av. Costera Miguel Alemán No. 4455
Fracc. Costa Azul
39850 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 484-7101/7050/7204; Fax (744) 484-7498.

Sergio Bustamante

For unique art with the distinct flavor of Acapulco, with all the exaggerated lust for life of a Bolero.

Address: Costera Miguel Aleman No. 120 Local 9
Fracc. Magallanes
39300 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 484-4992; Fax: (744) 484-2251

Galeria Abraham Ramírez

Address: Costera Miguel Aleman # 127 local 10
Col. Fraccionamiento Magallanes
39300 Acapulco, Gro, Mexico
Telephone: (744) 496-3993

Galería de Arte Rudic

Address: Vicente Yañez # 9
Fracc. Magallanes
39300 Acapulco, Gro.
Telephone: (744) 484-4844/8344; Fax: (744) 484-1004

Galería Víctor Salmones

Address: Costera Miguel Aleman No. 125
Fracc. Magallanes
39300 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 486-6806; Fax: 482-2035

Galería Ixcateopan

Instituto Guerrerense de la Cultura
Address: Av. Costera Miguel Alemán No. 4834
Col. Costa Azul
39580 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 484-2390/3814; Fax: (744) 484-2390

Galería Inmuebles Esteban

Address: Av. Costera Miguel Aleman No. 2010
Col. Club Deportivo
39580 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 484-3084/1175; Fax: (744) 481-8152

Galeria Las Brisas

Located in the Hotel Las Brisas.
Address: Carretera Escenica No. 5255
Fracc. Las Brisas
39868 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
Telephone: (744) 484-1650

Galería Espacios Palescos

Address: Guitarrón # 140
Col. Fracc. Brisas Guitarrón
39868 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico