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Sea Turtles in Acapulco


Sea Turtles in Acapulco

Sea Turtles

During the rainy season from June to November each year, sea turtles begin to arrive on the sandy beaches of Acapulco to lay their eggs. Each female sea turtle lays about 100 eggs which she buries under the protective cover of the the sand. Forty-five to fifty days later, the little tortugas emerge and struggle to make their way to the relative safely of the sea (before they get snatched by hungry birds above).

In Acapulco, two main areas have established sea turtle camps for their study and preservation. They are at opposite ends of town: one at Pie de la Cuesta, and on the grounds of the Fairmont complex.

Turtle lovers take time stay abreast of the struggle between sea turtles and the poachers, who kill the turtles for their meat and eggs. The national and state governments have recently recognized how serious the plight of the sea turtles has become. And while they have devoted more attention to the issue by strengthening penalties against the poachers and making the occasional high profile arrest, this activity is not close to being enough. While the sale of turtle meat and eggs has been banned in Mexico since 1990, and it carries a penalty of up to nine years in prison, turtle meat is sadly considered a delicacy. So turtles are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Mexico is loosing the war against poachers. It is tragic that sea turtles may soon be extinct.

How Can You Help? You can contact PROFEPA, Mexico's premiere environmental organization, Green Peace Mexico,or the The Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP)for more information.

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