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La Petite Belgique

+52 (744) 481 2125
Mon. - Sun. 9:00 am - 11:30 pm
Continental Cuisine
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La Petite Belgique is an authentic Belgian bistro near the Diana circle of the Costera, specializing in fish and shellfish, prepared with a continental accent. As the name implies, La Petite Belgique is a small restaurant, but it is also very popular. Reservations are a practical necessity most of the year. Like good continental bistros, La Petite Belgique is a family-operated enterprise, both in the kitchen and out front. There is also a complete patisserie on site for baked goods. The chef rotates his menu choices seasonally, especially for the seafood items. Mussels, in season, are flown in fresh daily. Try the paté de fois gras or the stuffed duck (mushrooms and almonds in a white wine sauce), which has become a trademark dish of this gourmet restaurant.