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Discos, Salsa Clubs
Cumbia, Mergenue, Pop, Rock, Salsa
Cover ♂/♀: 
$10 USD / $20 USD
Cover ♂/♀: 
$10 USD / $20 USD

Zucca is an Acapulco disco located on the Las Brisas hillside overlooking the bay, roughly across Scenic Highway from Palladium. Zucca is a smallish disco that plays retro music and caters to crowd that's a little older, a little less fast, and maybe a little better off then the Palladium crowd. Zucca is a good place to go in high-season, but in low season it can be a bit on the empty side even on a Friday night. It's a cool disco with a great view and maybe a better option for those who like to go clubbing but want to avoid the younger crowd. The much hipper Sky Garden is attached. Opens at 11 pm.

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+52 (744) 446 5691
Carretera Escénica, 28, Acapulco, Guerrero