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Acapulco Charlie's

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Pop, Rock

Formerly "Carlos 'n' Charlie's" on the Costera Alemán, this flagship of the Anderson Group pulled up stakes and moved to La Isla in Acapulco Diamante in the fall of 2008. After less than a year of drifting as "El Squid Roe" (another in the Anderson Group's stable of trademarks), management settled on "Acapulco Charlie's," and reopened pretty much in the same format as before – except that none of the old staff was kept. Much more than the kitchy ambiance, it was the people of Carlos 'n' Charlie's (like Nacho, Fili, Leo and many others) who made the place a favorite for locals and for many of the vacationers who returned to Acapulco every year. The "new" Acapulco Charlie's needs to win over a whole new customer base, as the old crowd will not go back. This seems to be happening slowly, and the balcony level restaurant bar attracts good crowds for sporting events and happy hours. If you've been to any Carlos 'n' Charlie's operation in Cabo, Cancún or elsewhere, you will find no new surprises.

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+52 (744) 484 1285
Av. Costera Alemán, 112, Acapulco, Guerrero