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Proposal for Acapulco On-Line in Real Time

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 31 August, 2011

(Acapulco, NA 31 August) Comernexos SA de CV, an Internet development company, presented a proposal yesterday to federal deputy Fermín Alvarado Arroyo (PRI, Guerrero), chair of the national legislature’s Tourism Promotion Committee. The essence is to gather, edit and broadcast via the Internet what the several video cameras capture in Acapulco, along the major tourism routes. The cameras will be installed for security reasons, but the company believes that the public will enjoy seeing live pictures of Acapulco, its weather, traffic and tourism. Security cameras capture images from various hotels, banks and stores as well as traffic corridors. The delay between video and rebroadcast will be less than 15 minutes. The proposal is to demonstrate in a palpable way for the on-line public that Acapulco remains the inviting tourist destination that it has always been. And, despite the negative press reports of drug-related violence, the on-line broadcasts will show that day-to-day and minute-to-minute life in the port resort is secure and peaceful.

The project is proposed in three phases, starting with the Costera Alemán and La Quebrada, and then adding the Scenic Highway (La Escénica) and eventually the Diamond Zone on one extreme, and Pie de la Cuesta on the other.

The project, which will require an investment of $280 million pesos ($180 mm of which will come from federal funds and the remainder from State and City budgets), includes the installation of new equipment in various strategically located places. The proposal has been presented to Municipal officials, who reacted very positively to the idea, as it improves security and also stimulates tourism.
The congressman said that he would seek to earmark resources for the effort and support the project as much as possible. He said, “The hope is that Acapulco will overcome the problem, as has been the case in other places, like São Paulo (Brazil), Bilbao (España), Colombia, Miami and New York, to guarantee security and peace for its residents and visitors,” he said.