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Bus Lines Affected by Drop in Tourism

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 21 July, 2011

(Acapulco, NA 21 July) On average, bus lines have lost $3.5 million pesos in the last two months, as the tourism recession continues, caused by Acapulco's violent image problem and the unrelenting rains. Estrella Blanca, which has 33 daily departures in its normal schedule, usually doubles the number of buses in service during this time of year when school is out. So far this year, the company has not added a single extra bus. The local manager says that sales have fallen off by about 40% this year.

The manager of Estrella de Oro, which usually schedules 30 daily departures each day to Cuernavaca and Mexico City, told the press that the number of buses running their routes is about the same as last year; the difference is that this year the increase in buses because of summer vacation travel was late in coming. Nevertheless, she said the load factors – the number of passengers boarding each bus – is very low. Estrella de Oro is offering group package deals at very special rates, just to fill up the vehicles. One such offer is 36 round trip Mexico City-Acapulco-Mexico City tickets, for the price of just 20, representing a 44% discount.

The terminal managers all blamed the drop in tourism on the way Acapulco is being portrayed in the press as an unsafe destination, and on the unusually rainy weather. A previous problem, security of the buses while in transit, has been resolved.