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Remains of Sea Tortoises on Roqueta Prove Slaughter

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 24 May, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 23 May) For three weeks scuba divers have been examining sites near the shore of Isla Roqueta in the mouth of Acapulco’s bay. They have found overwhelming evidence that poachers have been slaughtering sea tortoises there. The suspicion is that they are the same furtive fishermen who use nets that indiscriminately kill sea tortoises and dolphins by tangling them below the surface until they drown. Such techniques have been banned around Acapulco, but their use is widespread, and the law is not enforced.

The divers who discovered the slaughter sites for sea turtles and dolphins reported the matter to PROFEPA, the special attorney general for enforcement of environmental laws. For his part, the Guerrero representative of PROFEPA, Joel Tacuba, declared that it was all a lie and denied the existence of the slaughter. Persistent, the divers who discovered the turtle graveyard persuaded divers from the Navy to visit the location with them, as a result of the formal complaint they filed to PROFEPA on May 13. The navy divers located the grave site and took videos, confirming the allegations of the citizens. One of the divers added that he has made several complaints to PROFEPA over the years concerning crimes against the environment around Acapulco, and has yet to receive an answer from them on any matter.