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Holy Week Tourists Leave Acapulco

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 25 April, 2011

(Acapulco, NA 25 April) Yesterday the Holy Week vacationers abandoned the port, even as Easter Week visitors were arriving. According to highway police, vehicle traffic was heavy at the toll gate entrance to the road to Mexico City, with one care leaving every 5 seconds and another one coming in every 8 seconds. Local authorities estimated the number of tourists during Holy Week to be around 340,000. About 80% of them stay in hotels, while the remainder find accommodations in private arrangements with owners of
condos, apartments and houses.

The municipal Tourism Department announced that each visitor spends, on average $950 pesos during a Holy Week stay in Acapulco. Curiously, they then estimated the economic impact of the week at over $700 million pesos, which is more than double the per capita expenditure time the number of tourists. No further explanation was given.

Hotel occupancy for the last days of the Holy Week vacation period was revealed as 85%, presumably a weighted average of the three zones: traditional (nautical) (71%), Golden (87%) and Diamond (86%).
The weather was perfect, all week long, with cloudless skies, a soft breeze, and temperatures in the 80’s.