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Brazilian Ex-president Lula Visits Acapulco

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 07 April, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 7 April) The Mexican Banking Association (ABM) will hold its 74th annual convention in Acapulco, starting today, at the Hotel Princess Acapulco. The theme is “Global challenges for resolving the international financial crisis.” The experience of Brazil is highly pertinent to the topic, and ex-president Luiz Ignacio da Silva (known as “Lula”) will be in attendance. Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa will be on hand to welcome him and to preside over the opening ceremonies. Guerrero’s governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero will give a welcoming message. Acapulco mayor Manuel Añorve Baños will also be present. Most of Mexico’s high officials in the financial area will participate in the meeting.

Tomorrow there will be a panel discussion among the leaders of the three main political parties, the PRI, the PRD and the PAN, concerning the economic policies and ideologies (if any) of each. Lula will then make his remarks, most likely centered on the economic reforms in Brazil to curb triple digit inflation and then to make the economy take its place as one of the principal emerging powers of the 21st century. Lula, a labor organizer and workers’ rights advocate, was arrested and persecuted by Brazil’s right-wing government and aristocratic elites, until he was popularly elected president of the republic in 2003 for a six-year term. Most observers have said that he served with distinction.