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Tianguis Turistico will Leave Acapulco

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 30 March, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 30 March) Federal tourism secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo confirmed yesterday that the annual tourism convention in Mexico, called “El Tianguis Turístico,” will start to rotate among different venues instead of being based in Acapulco every year. (“Tianguis” is a street market in Mexico, derived from Nahuatl for “public location”.) The convention, which brings around 5,000 visitors to Acapulco, has been held in the port every year since its inauguration 35 years ago.

The decision by the federal government was most unwelcome in Acapulco, where it was criticized as short-sighted and motivated by politics. The secretary of tourism said that it was only fair to share the economic benefits of the annual event among Mexico’s main tourist destinations. The official statement contained the expected banalities about site location: “We shall take into account the experience and facilities offered, the number of hotel rooms available, and the interest in promoting the destination.” The absence of narco-violence was not mentioned, but clearly was part of the thinking. No mention of this decision was made until the last moment of the event, apparently to avoid having to debate the decision, which was a fait acompli of the federal tourism bureaucrats.

Acapulco Mayor Miguel Añorve Baños said that the decision to move the tianguis to an itinerant schedule was “clumsy” and was a “stab in the back.” He said, “It seems that Gloria Guevara is Acapulco’s worst enemy.” He said that when the Tianguis closed, she sneaked out “by the back door.”