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Countercurrent Invades Costera

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 24 March, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 24 March) Yesterday afternoon the sea invaded Acapulco, flowing up certain side streets in the Golden Zone and covering the Costera under several inches of water and damaging several vehicles. The annual spring phenomenon is called the “Equatorial Marine Countercurrent.” Usually the strong inland current comes several times between April and November, but this year it was early. The Bay helps to moderate the effects of the current, but along the unprotected coast, the increase in the strength and size of the waves is even more noticeable.

The arrival of the Pacific Ocean to Juan de la Cosa Street in Acapulco caused traffic to slow down almost to a stop, not just because drivers had to be more cautious, but also because of gawkers. A number of cars were towed, lest they be carried back towards the ocean when the current receded.

Acapulco’s public safety director, Nubia Sayago González, said that this year the phenomenon is expected to be between light and moderate. He called upon tour guides and others who have contact with the tourists to advise them to be cautious. The areas of greater danger are up in the Costa Grande (La Unión, Zihuatanejo, Tecpan, San Jerónimo,) and Costa Chica (like Copala and Marquelia), damaged more severely than Acapulco in previous years.