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Añorve Emphasizes Local Investment, Security

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 15 February, 2011

(Acapulco, NA 15 February) Manuel Añorve Baños, upon his return to the office of Mayor of Acapulco, announced yesterday that through his efforts Acapulco has received more than 7.7 billion pesos in new investment, especially in the traditional zone, also called “Acapulco Nautica.” The investment in question is the construction of timeshare condominiums, restaurants and self-service retail establishments. All investment is from the private sector. He added that he will continue to attract national and international investment in Acapulco’s tourism infrastructure.

Examples cited included the Marina, the new Yacht Club, and several hotels from the sixties that are being remodeled and refurbished. He mentioned the reconstruction of the International Convention Center in Costa Azul, which has been ceded by concession to a private company for 99 years.

When asked about the drop in Spring Break tourism, Añorve responded that reservations are running at 80% and that the city will increase security for all tourists, including students from the US and Canada. Likewise, three levels of government will cooperate to tighten security in the tourist zone during Holy Week and the week after. Easter falls on April 24th this year, one of the latest possible days for the holiday.

In a separate story, the Mayor is reported to have requested more Federal Police to help in security surrounding tourists in Acapulco. “This port is peaceful,” he said, “and we want to keep it that way.”