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Legislation Proposed for Renewal of Old Acapulco

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 29 December, 2010

(Acapulco, AN 29 December) Federal legislator Fermín Alvarado Arroyo has introduced a bill in Mexico’s Congress to remodel and renovate Acapulco’s historic downtown area. The budget of $20 million pesos is proposed for 2011, with the purpose of having the district declared a National Historic Site, and perhaps one of the designated “Pueblos Mágicos” in a national tourism promotion program. The project includes facelifts for the façades of historic buildings, parks, promenades and the restoration of historic streets and alleyways. The Zócalo and Cathedral are part of the plan as well as several surrounding neighborhoods. The federal deputy said that his bill seeks to blend the modern urban image of Acapulco with its historic center. “Acapulco’s downtown area has not received significant new investment,” he said, “and as of today the Traditional Zone looks abandoned.” The legislation is designed to remedy that situation.