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The Mexico Jai Alai Open Tournament Opens

By: David Real | Real Acapulco News - 14 October, 2010

The Mexico Jai Alai Open Tournament opens today at the Acapulco Jai Alai arena, which has a capacity of 1,200. The best profesional “pelotaris” or Jai Alai players in the world will be in attendance, according to the director of tourism promotion of Sefotur, Rahel Ávila Guzmán. Sefotur is the Guerrero State Tourism Development Agency. Spanish pelotari Jonathan Hernández Hernández said that this tournament is a great chance to bring new fans into the sport, thus recapturing the popularity Jai Alai has enjoyed in Mexico in past years. Many players responded how great it was to be in Acapulco, and thanked Sefotur and the other sponsors for working to make this event a reality. All are hoping that this will be the first of several annual events. Like tennis, Jai Alai tournaments pit individual players against others in a system of single- or double-elimination, and there is also an event for doubles teams. The Open will take place over several days until the champion is decided in the final match.