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How does Real Acapulco work?

How to sign up and create pages on Real Acapulco.

It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Click here to register a free account at Real Acapulco.

  2. After registering, an email will be sent to your email address. You need to open the email we send and click the link inside to confirm your email address in order to be able to do cool things on Real Acapulco.

  3. If you want to add a page of content you can click here to Create. Our "Create" page can also be accessed in the menu at the very top of the site where it says "Create content".

That's all there is to it...

Things you can do for FREE on Real Acapulco

  • Create a personal profile with a private webform that people send you (but without giving out your email address).
  • List your business in our business directory.
  • Discuss anything and everything on our forum.
  • List an auto for sale in our autos section.
  • List something else for sale in our classified section.
  • Publicize an event in our events section.
  • Create a promotion or special offer.
  • Upload a picture to our sociales section.
  • Upload a video in our video section.
  • Post a job listing in our jobs section.
  • Upload a resume to our resume section.

Things you can do for FREE on Real Acapulco (with special permission)

  • Create photo galleries of your work (for photographers only). You can ask for permission here.
  • You can create a personal blog. You can ask for permission here.

Once you get permission, the links to create these types of pages will appear on the Create page.

Things that you can do that cost a little $

The first few hundred people that sign up can get even many of these things for FREE right now because we appreciate your participation in helping us test the new website. Click here to find out how.

  • List a hotel in our hotels section.
  • List a restaurant in our restaurants section.
  • List a boat for hire in our boat rental section.
  • List a tourist activity in our activities section.
  • List residential properties for rent or sale in our real estate section.
  • List commercial properties for rent or sale in our real estate section.
  • List a vacation rental in our real estate section.
  • List a nightclub in our nightclub section
  • List a spa or beauty salon in our health & beauty section.
  • List a vacation package in our travel section.

If you have any questions you can add comments on this page or better still, post them in our forum or email us here.