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Gay Nightlife in Acapulco

A list of gay bars, discos and other gay and gay-freindly nightlife attractions.

Banda, Pop, Rock
Cabaretito Beach Acapulco is one of several “Cabaretitos” throughout Mexico that cater to gays. Here you can dance, see the show, celebrate your birthday or use any other excuse for a party. In fact, you don’t need an excuse. Cabaretito Beach celebrates diversity. In little time it has come to... more»
Pop, Techno
Many travelers say that Demas Factory is Acapulco's most active and welcoming gay bar. It is found just off the Costera on a private alleyway behind Acapulco Charlie's in the Condesa area of the Costera. Demas attracts the tourist and local alike, with strippers and lots of energy on the... more»
Cumbia, Mergenue, Pop, Reggaetón, Rock, Salsa, Techno
Moons is part of the group that operates Demas Factory and Pink. It is a gay bar with pop music for dancing, strippers, and shows. It opens late and stays open until morning. On Fridays, the beer is 2 for 1. No cover. ... more»
Cumbia, Pop, Rock, Techno
The objective of Picante is to be, as its name implies, Acapulco's hot and spicy gay bar. Many of Mexico's best dancers make a point to come to Picante whenever they're in town. The crowd spans almost all age groups. The place is always busy and loud - both with... more»
Pop, Techno
Pink is part of the same group as Demas and Moons, and like them, is a gay bar. It is just off the Costera Alemán in Club Deportivo. Pink advertises that it is the only "fully electronic" nightclub in Acapulco, featuring techno, house, and other heavy rhythm electronic music. For... more»
Pop, Rock, Techno
Prince is a late-night or even after hours hangout, mainly for gay men. Many regulars go earlier just for the drinks and music. On busier evenings the management puts on shows. Occasionally there will be a special promotion for "Ladies' Night." The local reputation of Prince is that it’s a... more»
Pop, Rock
Just off the Costera Alemán on Lomas del Mar, Relax is a club well known for its loud and energetic music and rhythms you can feel as much as hear. Relax puts on live shows on weekends during high season and holiday times, usually strippers or transvestites. Locals enjoy this... more»
Cover ♂/♀: 
$200 with open bar
Zoom lays claim to being the best gay discotheque (or DJ Club) in Acapulco, attracting gays, bisexuals and some straight couples. The club offers three different venues: an area for pop music and dancing, a lounge area for conversation, and an area devoted to electronic music. The bar is open... more»