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Ocean - Review

I don’t really think that Ocean is a restaurant for dinner. The stark white interior and bright lights, although showing the place to be spotlessly clean, do not lend themselves to a cosy and romantic ‘dîner å deux’. So my timing was the only thing wrong about the place. We should have gone for lunch. But we should not have missed it. The menu is simple and boasts the usual seafood standards and the new sauces that are popping up all over the place such as a creamy chipotle or poblano sauce. They are not making the mistake of offering too much choice and being unable to come up with the goods. The tostadas are laden with deliciousness, almost a meal in themselves but not quite.

Quite simply, the Chef knows what he is doing. He can cook fish and does it very well indeed. His sauces are on the button and the presentation is outstanding.

My only reservation is the lack of a wine list and of course the wine itself. When we went they only offered Domecq Blanc de Blanc which has to be the most expensive paint stripper in the world. Hopefully this is a situation that will improve.

Just remember … go for lunch. But go … this place deserves your custom, and you deserve their food. It opened at the end of December 2005 and is too good to allow it to suffer the fate of the mediocre restaurants that deserve only to last a few months and do.