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O' Jardim Review

The great thing about the Brazilian Espada system is that if (as I was a couple of nights ago) you are eating with a large group you don’t have that agonizing and eternal ordering thing to go through. The food arrives as if by magic with a minimum of decision making (a choice of salad is never something that puts too much pressure on the little grey cells) no one forgets what they have ordered or is too engrossed in conversation to notice their fettuccine alfredo being waved round the table by a hapless waiter; so its just “oh yes please I would love some very rare fillet” or “no thanks I’ll pass on the chicken” as each cut, impaled on a ‘sword’ is presented to you. The down side is that the very best (for me picanha) always arrives last and it takes an enormous amount of self-discipline to hold back on all the delicious earlier offerings. O’Jardim is no exception to this so again I left feeling as if I had eaten half a cow. Albeit a very delicious cow.

This restaurant’s garden setting with plenty of shade/cover is a marked improvement on the barn like Brazilian restaurants of this genre.

If however you are partial to a few glasses of wine with your dinner you will be disappointed. One red and one white are on offer and both are from one of Mexico’s less distinguished producers. If you care about the future condition of your liver/brain you will eschew these offerings.

A vegetarian shouldn’t even dream of patronizing the place but any true or even part time carnivore will find it a welcome change from many of the establishments in the city yet to be reviewed. It’s a bit hard to find but worth the journey. Take your own wine.