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Los Navegantes - Fat Bastard's Review

Once a Brazilian style ‘espadas’ restaurant, los Navegantes has re-opened as a seafood restaurant. It wasn’t much good at the Brazilian thing so I had my doubts as we trooped in for a family Sunday lunch.

A quick glance at the menu revealed a few original ideas and my interest started to grow. The prices didn’t look too killer either.

I really was surprised… I ordered fish quesadillas as starters which were light, crispy, not swimming in oil and simply delicious, especially accompanied by the albeit hot sauces. This I followed with Mariscos a la Poblana, a generous portion of fish, squid and shrimp swimming in a rich creamy green (chile poblano) sauce, such a big portion, even I couldn’t finish it. Maybe because I tried everyone else’s dishes, which included red snapper al mojo de ajo (a bit greasy) Squid in black rice, which was great, shrimp a la diabla rich and hot (chile) and a seafood casserole which I would recommend to those who are not too keen on the spicey stuff.

Conclusion: A cool restaurant (aircon), great food, pleasant if a little stark atmosphere, and will not break the bank.