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Forza Italia - Review by Fat Bastard

I find it hard to be objective about Forza Italia, but then a restaurant critic is a subjective beast at the best of times. I have eaten there at least 30 times and it is always the restaurant of choice when I am after something good without having to hit the ATM. So if that’s not a recommendation in itself you might as well stop reading my reviews.

The food is as close to the genuine thing as you can get in Mexico, the pasta always perfectly cooked and the sauces are tasty. Try the Fettuccini Carbonara, always prepared to order and a treat. I am also partial to their pizzas, again, as they should be, prepared to order and you can invent your own from a long list of ingredients. The house wine is drinkable and also inexpensive.

I think the worst pizza I ever ate was in Venice (not the one in California), but some of the most delicious food in the world is to be found in the little trattorias tucked away in the villages of Tuscany.

Franco, the boss, is an effusive and attentive host.