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"Ecological" Hotels

I decided to look up "ecology" as it seems to be a much abused word. " the study of the interaction of people with their environment." and "the political movement that seeks to protect the environment, esp. from pollution." So what is an ECOLOGICAL HOTEL? Certainly not somewhere we stay to study our relationship with ants, cockroaches or scorpions or any other fauna, even if that is what we might end up pondering.

The reason for all this was a visit by a friend to Casa del Lirio, Boulevard de las Naciones, Manzana 24, Lote 12 (744) 433 4015 which clams to be Ecological. I am not for a moment suggesting that this hotel is overrun by any of the aforementioned beasts. He reported plastic chairs, maids using bleach and Pinol no gutters (surely an environmentally friendly, water saving and economical asset) and a general feeling that there was no difference from any other cabaña style establishment. I will admit that he was in a filthy mood and quite eager to find fault. But it didn't appear to him that they were really making much of an effort. I would really welcome comments from the management of this hotel regarding sewage disposal, solar power, detergents etc.

I firmly believe that there is a huge need for a much, much more conscientious attitude towards the environment and that any effort should be lauded. Especially in garbage strewn Acapulco. But at the same time using the word "ecological" should not be a label which justifies higher prices while using it as an excuse to offer sub-standard services.