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Acapulco's Philharmonic Orchestra

Last Friday, in the Convention Center, the Orquestra Filarmónica de Acapulco (or OFA) put on an incredible performance. In an all-German program, the full orchestra played the Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. Then, soloist Horacio Franco played two concertos for the recorder (in Spanish, "flauta dulce"): Telemann and Bach. The last movement of the Bach was so fast that it was hard to hear every note, and unimaginable how Franco was able to play them. A true virtuosity. After intermission, the full orchestra played Death and Transfiguration, a well-known symphonic poem by Richard Strauss, in which an artist (or musician or writer) recalls, on his death bed, scenes from the victories of other days.

Next Friday, September 3, the OFA will put on a completely Mexican program, in observance of the bicentennial of independence, including the Obertura Revolucionaria by Chavez, and, for the first time with an orchestra, a "salterio" or Mexican zither (also called "psaltery"). The soloist is Miguel Pacheco, and the program contains many well-known traditional Mexican melodies. Not a program you would want to miss.