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Las Brisas - Enclave of the Rich and Famous

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When visitors arrive in Acapulco, they may hear about “Las Brisas”, but not know where it is or what is there.

The term refers, of course, to the luxury “Las Brisas” Hotel, which rises up over Acapulco's bay on the eastern slope of ridge surrounding the city. But above the Hotel, and past it, as you take the Scenic Highway (“Carretera Escénica”) up and over towards Puerto Marqués, you pass the neighborhood called “Las Brisas.” It is probably the wealthiest residential section of town, with multi-million-dollar villas set into the hillside, overlooking Acapulco’s bay and facing the Golden Zone. The more easterly neighborhoods and those with higher vantage points may also have a view of Puerto Marqués, Playa Revolcadero, Laguna de Tres Palos, or back towards Isla Roqueta at the mouth of the bay.

Las Brisas

Along the Escénica in the Las Brisas area, you will find several of Acapulco’s most elegant restaurants (like Bellavista, Kookaburra, Baikal, Casa Nova, and Pagliacci) and some of its top nightclubs (like Palladium and Siboney).

At the top, on the ridge line, the large cross of the “Chapel of Peace” (“Capilla de la Paz”) towers over the terrain. It is inside the exclusive, gated community of Las Brisas. The Chapel is accessible by leaving a credential with the gate guard during the chapel's hours of operation. Otherwise, an authorized visitor can take a pleasant walk around these wealthy neighborhoods, which are truly beautiful; however, one must be able to state some form of “business” to the security guard, or else entry will be denied.

Technically speaking, “Las Brisas” is a general term, applied to a number of contiguous neighborhoods strung across the hillside above the Navy Base and continuing over the top until reaching Puerto Marqués. Some of the more noteworthy neighborhoods are:

The only way in or out of Las Brisas is via the Scenic Highway (“Carretera Escénica”). Las Brisas is definitely not pedestrian friendly. When you walk along or across the Escénica, you take your life in your hands. The narrow road has many blind curves, virtually no shoulders, and no room for pedestrians. There is barely room for two lanes of vehicles. To make matters worse, most drivers – including the police and the buses – take the curves at high speed.

One misconception is that Las Brisas has good beaches. A small number of villas down low may have access to a small beach. A couple of beach clubs have been built in the area by hotels like the Park Royal and Las Brisas. But in general, Las Brisas has no beachfront. This is compensated by the breathtaking views the area enjoys of Acapulco – particularly at night. Click here for a guide to Acapulco beaches.

Capilla de la Paz

Acapulco's Tallest Church

La Capilla de la Paz (the Chapel of Peace) is Acapulco's large non-denominational church with the towering 130 ft. tall cross that is visible from pretty much everywhere around the bay. It is high up on the cliffs (some 1,200 feet above sea level) in the Las Brisas neighborhood off the Scenic Highway. To get there you take the highway from the city and make a hairpin left at the huge entryway into the Las Brisas gated community (not the Hotel). The security guard will permit you to go in to visit the Chapel during its hours: from 10am to 6pm. If you like to pray of just want a great view of the city and a tour of Acapulco's answer to Beverly Hills, you might enjoy a trip to see La Capilla.