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Tourists: Violence Fears Do Not Keep Us Away

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 18 July, 2011

(Acapulco, ElSur 18 July) Yesterday Acapulco registered 65.2% hotel occupancy, according to the municipality’s Office of Tourism. This, in spite of the persistent rain that has been falling for several days. Federal police reported yesterday that 10 vehicles were entering Acapulco from the toll road, as compared to 7 that were departing. Over 120 tour buses came to Acapulco over the weekend: 23 in Puerto Marqués alone, and 28 to Revolcadero Beach in the Diamond Zone. The cruise ships Pullman Tours and Ocean Star were anchored in the port yesterday.

In interviews with press reporters, tourists commented that the reported violence did not discourage them from coming to Acapulco, “because there is violence like that everywhere.” One woman said, “I live in the Federal District, and I have to put up with the same thing everywhere.” She noted that there were fewer visitors in Acapulco this time, saying that perhaps it is due to “the bad information [circulated] at an international level.”

Another tourist from Chihuahua came with 12 family members, noting that they did not travel at night because of fear that something bad might happen. (Armed groups in the far north of Mexico have increased their criminal activities as modern day highwaymen on the main roads.) He said that although he felt safe and relaxed on the beaches, still he was afraid that violence could happen. For that reason, he and his family did not venture out on the streets at night. He added, “In reality, it is the same throughout all of Mexico.”

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