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Fifty Cruise Ship Arrivals Canceled

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 15 July, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 14 July) During the current cruise ship season, at least 50 transatlantic vessels will not make a call in Acapulco because of the security problem and other factors. Some have changed their itinerary for marketing reasons, which may ultimately relate back to the security factor. Others have stated the high cost of fuel is a problem. According to the port authority chief, Octavio González, “We managed 130 arrivals, from six or seven different companies that travel the Mexican Pacific. Two of these are no longer coming to Acapulco, and the remainder have substantially reduced their operational volume.” He added that the economic damage will be about 50%, or around $8 million pesos annually.

In 2010, the cruise ship season saw 138 arrivals. This year it will be 113. The “cruise ship” fiscal year begins on June 1, with the arrivals of Pullman Tour and Ocean Star, both national (not international) carriers. “The whole Mexican coast will be affected, as international lines are looking to newer, safer markets, like Australia. It began last year, but this year will be much worse,” the port director commented. He continued: “The violence problem has caused a significant drop in demand for cruise ship passage for all Mexican ports, not just Acapulco. They have cut frequencies in order to improve their occupancy, thus saving on fuel, personnel and port fees.” “These decisions are not permanent; they are temporary,” Mr. González affirmed.

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