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Upgrades Planned for Beaches in the Golden Zone

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 27 June, 2011

(Acapulco, ElSur 27 June). Guerrero’s agency for promotion of the state’s beaches announced upgrades in the furnishings for the beaches from Tamarindos in the Traditional Zone to Icacos in the Golden Zone. Over 200 palapas, palm thatched structures to provide shade, will be built and placed along the whole distance. Not only is the improvement designed to make the beaches more uniform and appealing, but it will also provide more accommodations for beach visitors who want to eat or relax in the shade. The palapas will be used wherever the waves may be so strong as to carry away the lighter beach umbrellas. Caleta, Caletilla and Roqueta Island will continue to use beach umbrellas because the waves are calmer there. Three samples of the type selected for these popular beaches in the Traditional Zone have already been installed.

When asked about the vehicle that was dragged by Hurricane Beatriz from the Costera to the beach known as El Morro, the director of the agency, Rogelio Hernandez Cruz, answered that this week, if the currents are calm enough, the car will be removed. It is a VW bus. His agency has already removed two sand-covered vehicles that met the same fate, but the third wound up in strong currents around the rocks just off the beach. The director pointed out that removal of wreckage is not a normal part of this agency’s mission, but they have undertaken to do it because the three vehicles represented a safety hazard.

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