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CNT Urges Return of Tianguis to Acapulco

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 08 June, 2011

(México, NA 8 June) The National Tourism Confederation (CNT) has called upon the federal tourism secretary to take backwards steps and return the Tianguis Turístico to Acapulco. The statement by its president, Miguel Torruco, said that the controversy generated so far will just hurt the efforts of everyone to have decent tourism fairs in Mexico. His remarks may have been stimulated by the Supreme Court’s protective order, issued Friday, preventing any further action on the bidding for the 2012 event until after the court has had a chance to hear from the parties. The CNT expressed a concern that legal entanglements could cause delays in the 2012 event, and generally damage Mexico’s image before the world tourism industry as a country capable of putting on a fair.

The CNT statement said that the most logical outcome would be to leave the Tiaguis Turístico in Acapulco, to continue however Acapulco deems appropriate, and to inaugurate a new, itinerant fair, to take place in other parts of Mexico more favored by federal tourism secretary Gloria Guevara. Mr. Torruco added, “If we keep working over this legal material, we are going to have to postpone the country’s most important tourist fair.”

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